Understanding the different types of adhesive vinyls available

Understanding the different types of adhesive vinyls available for large format digital printing

In the world of large format digital printing, the sign shop has a variety of adhesive vinyls to choose from. These vinyls range from inexpensive economy vinyls to pricey high performance products used in the vehicle wrap industry.

In this discussion we will introduce you to the main categories, and with follow-up posts, go into more detail.

Adhesive vinyls can be categorized into two main products, calendared and cast. These then can be broken down further into many sub-categories, depending upon their uses.

Calendered vinyls are typically less expensive than Cast vinyls, and are designed for shorter term applications, and flat surfaces. The difference between these two products is in the way in-which they are manufactured. As it was explained to me, calendared vinyl is produced in a process where the vinyl is poured onto a surface and stretched to the desired size and thickness… similar to the way pizza dough is rolled out. Though this process produces less expensive vinyls, the vinyl is constantly in a state of wanting to return to its original state ( before it was stretched) and so shrinks much more than its Cast counterpart.

Cast vinyl on the other hand is poured onto a surface to the desired size and thickness. This, more expensive process, produces a product that has no internal forces. Cast vinyls can be used for many more applications including wrapping around compound curves, such as those found on vehicles.

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